Dill is a vegan barcode scanner and product database

Dill started out as a Norwegian mobile app where you can scan barcodes and find out if a product is vegan or not. Now it has gone global 🎉

Almost 2 million products from the whole word has been added. Before this, we only had below 9000 Norwegian products.

The vegan status on many of the new products are not set. The products was sourced from a database that did not have a vegan focus, but the database had many products that were labelled as well 🙂

There is a great need for mobilizing the whole vegan society to make Dill into a truly great database 🙏 New products can easily be added from the app. And you can suggest changes to products that you have knowledge about.

Adding products and doing research on vegan status is a type of everyday activism most of us can do in the comfort of the home by traversing the fridge. This will definitely help new vegans using the Dill app 👍️

Dill as a startup project

For a long time, I have been fond of the Dill project and I have been getting great feedback. Unfortunately, working a full-time job made it hard to dedicate much time to it.

For a while back, I quit my job to try myself as an indie developer developing multiple startups. Dill became one of the projects I wanted to focus on.

My hope is to be able to spend much more time on digital friendly activism in the form of Dill, and to live off it ❤️

The result of a month of work with further developing Dill is what you are looking at now.

A global vegan community

I have developed social networking capabilites for Dill. It's now a global community where vegans from the whole world can communicate, discuss products or other stuff and make friends.

You can easily create your own communities for your specific field of interest. It can be about pretty much anything.

Dill has some advantages over other social networks:

  1. I don't sell your data and I never will

  2. I can make vegan-tailorerd features that can strengthen Dill as a vegan community and possibly the vegan movement as a whole.

  3. I am not a big greedy IT corporation, but a small business with a passion for the vegan lifestyle.

  4. It's possible to suggest improvements and report bugs directly to me, the developer.

The social capabilities is available on the web and also in the most recent version of the Dill app:

Still a way to go

As with all software, Dill needs maintenance and further development. It's not perfect yet, and there are lots of features I still want to add.

By using the app and giving me with feedback, helping out with product data,or becoming a support member, you will provide valuable support for me in my plans to build great services aimed at vegans.

I hope you like my work so far, and hope to hear from you 😊

Best regards 💚
Lars Lillo Ulvestad
The creator of Dill