DillAbout Us

Dill is a platform for friendly activism. We currently support a vegan community and a barcode scanner for quickly finding vegan products

It's quickly expanding into more of a social network. More info coming soon!

The barcode scanner

With the Dill barcode scanner, you can scan barcodes from any types of products and get an answer of if its vegan status.

We have almost 2 million products in the database. Improving the quality of the database can only be a community effort, because of the vast amount of products out there.

Helping us improve the database is a great form of activism anyone can contribute with.

Adding products via the app is easy. And if you encounter a product that is marked as "Uncertain", you can do a little research and propose a change to the product entry.

The community

The community features of Dill lets vegans with any types of interests create their own social community.

Communities can be of any topic.

Built as a small startup

Dill is built as a startup and run as a small company by me, the creator, Lars Lillo Ulvestad.

Having paid supporters ensures I can prioritize improving Dill, run it on high quality servers and fix bugs quickly.

The ideal organization model is great for many aspects of the vegan community, but we need diversity in the types of organizations that promote the vegan lifestyle.

An advantage of the small business model is that I can move quickly and get feedback directly from the community. This removes a lot of complexity and is probably more efficient as Dill primarily is a piece of software running on the web. Try to make a suggestion directly to Facebook and see how far you get.

The goal for Dill is to work as a multiplier for efficient and friendly vegan activism.